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Interview with Greg Lawless: What Passes for Meat in Heaven

I’ve been busy, but I did make time to talk to poet Gregory Lawless about my book The Bugging Watch & Other Exhibits over at his blog. From What Passes for Meat in Heaven: An Interview“: GL: . . .you’ve concentrated much of your efforts on exploring characters that have weathered considerable trauma. These figures … Continue reading

Who likes prose poems about dead girls?

The Bugging Watch’s 2 glorious days of  literary love from Black Ocean authors Rauan Klassnik & Joe Hall (thank you Joe and Rauan!):    “This book made me and my writing feel like Klingons.It’s beautiful. Exciting. And it made me ashamed.” –Rauan Klassnik In the rowdy, field of book length proems(?) / genreless expulsions / whatever, … Continue reading

Interview with Liz Hildreth: Bookslut

Elizabeth Hildreth interviewed me over at Bookslut. She asked me lots of good questions, such as: Liz: Something really notable about your work is how, to me at least, it can be defined so neatly as “prose poetry.” I read so many prose poems and I’m struck thinking either a) this is a lyric poem … Continue reading

The Bugging Watch and Run are not terrible. . .

Dan Magers thinks The Bugging Watch and Run are not terrible. From Dan Magers’ review of THE BUGGING WATCH & OTHER EXHIBITS and RUN in Sink Review: Kim Gek Lin Short’s work utilizes narrative devices and creates a wealth of emotional layering by keeping the story simple. Her debut full-length poetry collection The Bugging Watch … Continue reading

The Bugging Watch is not terrible. . .

Mickey Hess thinks The Bugging Watch is not terrible. Mickey Hess’ 15th round of Let’s Get Blurbing! over at The Rumpus includes The Bugging Watch & Other Exhibits: “In this deeply understandable and boundlessly groundbreaking book, Kim – a dynamic, tumultuous genius – wrestles with a heartwrenching tennis-court addition. Coolly unhappy and remarkably sexual, this … Continue reading

Hybrid Moments

I wrote a guest blog for InDigest Mag last month about hybrids and the process of writing The Bugging Watch and Run: What about a boy who is also a bug? Who loves a girl who is also a corpse? Or an adolescent wannabe-cowgirl in Hong Kong who’s hellbent on becoming an American singing sensation? … Continue reading

The Bugging Watch is not terrible. . .

Tony Mancus thinks The Bugging Watch is not terrible. Tony Mancus’ summer reading includes THE BUGGING WATCH: “Weird and wonderful little book that unravels its story: bugs on the page, bugs in the heart of the doll that can’t be recreated and an exhibition of obsession and precisely off-kilter syntax. Good read and pocketsized (or … Continue reading

The Bugging Watch is not terrible. . .

Benjamin Gottlieb thought The Bugging Watch was terrible at first, but now he doesn’t: Kim Gek Lin Short has written a beguiling and entirely enthralling collection of related prose poems; it is so unusual and provocative in its subtle oddities that I wonder how aware she is of what she’s done.  This is always a … Continue reading

The Bugging Watch is not terrible. . .

Ryan Eckes thinks The Bugging Watch is not terrible: . . .a dark, animated love story told like a fairy tale. I imagine the characters, Harlan and Toland, as cartoons – that perception’s aided by the cover art, but it’s the anamorphic description of the characters, especially the nebulous quality of Toland, as well as … Continue reading

Bugging Watch Art (in reverse)

Post-Christian Peet magic: The Bugging Watch Uncorrected Proof. Bugging Watch: final covers. Early typeset was done by hand. I thought this first draft was really cool. ME: Dan, this is really cool! I love it! But, uh, my name is spelled wrong. DAN: No! Really? How do you spell your name? ME: L-i-n. DAN: Weird. … Continue reading

The Bugging Watch & Other Exhibits, and Run

Now Available:   THE BUGGING WATCH   Buy it: Tarpaulin Sky Press | Amazon | SPD Now Available: RUN  Buy it: Rope-a-Dope Press