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Interview with Greg Lawless: What Passes for Meat in Heaven

I’ve been busy, but I did make time to talk to poet Gregory Lawless about my book The Bugging Watch & Other Exhibits over at his blog. From What Passes for Meat in Heaven: An Interview“: GL: . . .you’ve concentrated much of your efforts on exploring characters that have weathered considerable trauma. These figures … Continue reading

Interview with Liz Hildreth: Bookslut

Elizabeth Hildreth interviewed me over at Bookslut. She asked me lots of good questions, such as: Liz: Something really notable about your work is how, to me at least, it can be defined so neatly as “prose poetry.” I read so many prose poems and I’m struck thinking either a) this is a lyric poem … Continue reading

How (or what) do you think about the line?

I answer, along w/ Noah Saterstrom & Richard O’Russa & Annie Hagar, Erik Anderson’s fourth question in his revolving interview at Red Rover. How or what do you think about the line? My mother. In Chinese the way I write her name: six lines then six lines again. A bilabial feral nasal. I close my … Continue reading