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My No Tell Holiday Shopping List

(It’s always a good time to give a gift of wuv.) Poetry Shopping Holiday Guide 2011 (click to read at the No Tell Blog) For the one who is in charge (in charge—really, really in charge): Adam Robison and Other Poems by Adam Robison (Narrow House, 2010) For the academic in need of balls: Core … Continue reading

Not to put too fine a point on it

Superhero Shared Housing Omnibus (vol 1): In which you will find stories like Cold Beer War. And puddles. What puddles? The puddles in which we very stand! The stories take place in the quiet suburbs of East Portland, Oregon, where justice has a hard time paying the bills. SHSH was invented by D.D. Tinzeroes & … Continue reading

Another fine book

It’s called Queen City Fall. It’s by my dear friend Chris Collision. Parts of QCF (e.g. this part) take place at 1412 Humboldt, an address of no minor activity for Harlan and Toland, the characters in The Bugging Watch & Other Exhibits. Collision calls QCF a companion piece to a draft version of The Bugging … Continue reading

NEW! Rows! Selavy!

“The Autobiography of Rows Selavy” Enthusiast Chris Collision has translated 2 new posts that delve pelvically into Roses dark past. What they’re saying about Rows: “It’s a lot like They Live.” “Lotta steampunk fun and hijinx!” “I don’t get it.” “Why aren’t/why are there so many girls?” Get clued/confused in: living on earth 101 beginning … Continue reading