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Good guy:

Kaspar Hauser, 1. who makes an appearance in Ellison’s “The Prowler in the City at the Edge of the World” as one of Juliette’s toys. 2. She plays w/ him two times. 3. The first time she sends him back to his time with some of his brain squeezed up (or something), explaining his mysterious … Continue reading

When the child was a child

“Song of Childhood“ When the child was a childIt walked with its arms swinging,wanted the brook to be a river,the river to be a torrent, and this puddle to be the sea. When the child was a child,it didn’t know that it was a child,everything was soulful,and all souls were one. When the child was … Continue reading

mostly i prefer the country

mostly i prefer the country Originally uploaded by Ahhhhh, whiskers


Sometimes when I can’t sleep I make up syllogisms. I’ve been trying to make up a syllogism about sources and influences but I don’t have a second premise. I’m thinking about sources and influences because I was advised here: Mantooth. My good friend and collaborator Chris Collision is doing a spinoff of Rows Selavy (rightly … Continue reading