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I never liked the Silent Treatment

someone had cut out ben franklin’s head from my one hundred dollar bill. i peered through the hole at my wife and children. at the first they perked up, photogenic, then cowered from the vacancy, which began to eat away at us. we melted in its pot. you’re not worth a shit, my wife said … Continue reading


[SNIP!]* *My review of Matt Bell’s The Collectors is enjoying a more bona fide afterlife at Gently Read Literature. Please visit the October 2009 issue of GRL to read up read up! But first look at these Google maps. . . This is the Collyer Brothers’ house today:,277.28,,0,5&cbll=40.808246,-73.940919&panoid=&v=1&hl=en&gl=us View Larger Map And these are … Continue reading