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My No Tell Holiday Shopping List

(It’s always a good time to give a gift of wuv.) Poetry Shopping Holiday Guide 2011 (click to read at the No Tell Blog) For the one who is in charge (in charge—really, really in charge): Adam Robison and Other Poems by Adam Robison (Narrow House, 2010) For the academic in need of balls: Core … Continue reading

Who likes prose poems about dead girls?

The Bugging Watch’s 2 glorious days of  literary love from Black Ocean authors Rauan Klassnik & Joe Hall (thank you Joe and Rauan!):    “This book made me and my writing feel like Klingons.It’s beautiful. Exciting. And it made me ashamed.” –Rauan Klassnik In the rowdy, field of book length proems(?) / genreless expulsions / whatever, … Continue reading

Interview with Liz Hildreth: Bookslut

Elizabeth Hildreth interviewed me over at Bookslut. She asked me lots of good questions, such as: Liz: Something really notable about your work is how, to me at least, it can be defined so neatly as “prose poetry.” I read so many prose poems and I’m struck thinking either a) this is a lyric poem … Continue reading