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The Bugging Watch and Run are not terrible. . .

Dan Magers thinks The Bugging Watch and Run are not terrible.

From Dan Magers’ review of THE BUGGING WATCH & OTHER EXHIBITS and RUN in Sink Review:

Kim Gek Lin Short’s work utilizes narrative devices and creates a wealth of emotional layering by keeping the story simple. Her debut full-length poetry collection The Bugging Watch & Other Exhibits consists of two child-like teenage lovers, Harlan and Toland, overwhelmed by the responsibilities of their relationship, and her new chapbook Run is about a country music-loving girl named La La, who escapes crushing poverty and bizarrely antagonistic parents through fantasies of country superstardom, and who then becomes locked in a charged master/slave dynamic by a guilt-ridden pedophile named Ren. There is great complexity in both works, which comes from a layering of points of view as well as the ambiguity of reality slipping into fantasy. The Bugging Watchplays out very much as a fairytale, while Run is suffused in melodrama. There are many excellent aspects of each, but what is remarkable about both is the convincing depiction of escapism to combat the pressures of reality.

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