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Run is not terrible. . .

Adam Peterson thinks Run is not terrible:

It’s easy in the world of letterpressed and hand-sewn chapbooks to get caught up in the beauty of the physical object and let it overshadow the writing inside, but Run would be just as satisfying if it were xeroxed and stapled at Kinko’s. It is a beautiful book, of course, but the story told through this series of prose poems is a shocking one of kidnapping and abuse and country music. . .

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Elisa Gabbert also thinks Run is not terrible.

Elisa Gabbert”s recommended summer reading includes RUN. Elisa  also recommends 

For People Who Like Gravity and Other People by Chris Tonelli (Rope-a-Dope Press) 
Post Moxie by Julia Story (Sarabande) 
Mean Free Path by Ben Lerner (Copper Canyon)

[Read more about Elisa’s recommendations at the No Tell Blog]

Elisa Gabbert (The French Exit) modeling Run


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