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Run is not terrible. . .

Jake Levine thinks Runis not terrible:Run is nothing short of what you always wanted from a cross-genre hybridity of poesy merged with a fatal fable of death/love/sex. I think it’s poetry, but there’s a narrative, so should I just call it new? . . . [Read more at the Sonora Blog]

Joe Hall also thinks Run is not terrible:  
. . .blurs the distinction between a chapbook and a short book, fiction and poetry. But what a beautifully constructed book. . .I thought not of poetry, but Ishmael Reed’s Yellow Back Radio Broke-Down in it’s magical, violent transformations and its scathing allegorical nature. . .[Read more at Goodreads]
[Buy RUN from Rope-a-Dope Press]
 Joe Hall (Pigafetta is my Wife) modeling RUN.
If you would like to model RUN for us, please take a picture of yourself w/ Run and send it to kimgeklin[at]


One thought on “Run is not terrible. . .

  1. Extremes meet. 長處即短處。物極必反。否極泰來!一切會更好! ....................................................

    Posted by LeGarten佳琳 | May 16, 2010, 4:35 am

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