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"If yer gonna shoot, SHOOT!"

While I slept poet Paige Taggart made me this Run-inspired necklace in exchange for my 2 books. Thank you for making me MacTaggart fashionable, Paige! I love it. I am wearing the “Run Necklace” right now. Paige Taggart modeling Run Kim Gek Lin Short modeling Run necklace

"Nothing like a good piece of hickory". . .

Sam (son of Montygog) modeling Run.

Run is not terrible. . .

Jake Levine thinks Runis not terrible:Run is nothing short of what you always wanted from a cross-genre hybridity of poesy merged with a fatal fable of death/love/sex. I think it’s poetry, but there’s a narrative, so should I just call it new? . . . [Read more at the Sonora Blog] Joe Hall also thinks … Continue reading

The Bugging Watch is not terrible. . .

Ryan Eckes thinks The Bugging Watch is not terrible: . . .a dark, animated love story told like a fairy tale. I imagine the characters, Harlan and Toland, as cartoons – that perception’s aided by the cover art, but it’s the anamorphic description of the characters, especially the nebulous quality of Toland, as well as … Continue reading