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The amok author people

Authors are wild impulsive types often they lie lots or are aloof & read lots. They either have lots of sex or drink lots or need lots of rest & dress in black lots maybe coordinating a) bloodstains or b) coffee stains to work/sleep & opine funny irreverent shit to make fun their being sad serious sorts lots. But how does this loveliness translate into the author photo?

Experts talk lots of this & also talk about how sometimes authors are ugly & sometimes they are not & when they are not ugly they get reviewed more. So if your book wasn’t reviewed much it’s maybe cuz you’re ugly. Although someEnglishMajorpeople steer clear of authors who look like Dallas Cowboy Cheerleaders who don’t have the “intelligence filled aura” of say author Beckett, author Eliot, or author Joyce. So if no one read your book it’s maybe cuz you’re sexy.

Maybe the author photo is a “capitalist conspiracy focusing on face time.” Do you want to see my face? Would you rather see my c-section scar?

This is author Shane Jones’ face. Shane says “Often I read blogs and wonder what the person looks like.”

Life Magazine has New! Rare! Photos! of author Nabokov from a shoot in 1959, released now posthumously in tandem w/ author Nabokov’s last & unfinished ms The Original of Laura.

Marion Ettlinger has a book of all these authors’ faces.

& what author Sean Lovelace comments on Amelia’s post: “I knew this writer that always made her photo a character in the book. Like if the protagonist was a photographer, she would have a photo of herself with cameras, taking a shot.”

I also like lots author Rauan Klassnik’s latest Stupid Drawings which are distorted author photos. For his (prospective) portraits Ron says “I like eyes.”

Me too. Lots.

Disclosure: People ask authors lots about their influences, this post is influenced by Mantooth & Chris Collision who comments on a previous post “[Mantooth] closes one adventure by folding his lady in his arms and grunting suavely ‘let’s go do it lots.’


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