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Interview, Kristeva, red rover

How (or what) do you think about the line?

I answer, along w/ Noah Saterstrom & Richard O’Russa & Annie Hagar, Erik Anderson’s fourth question in his revolving interview at Red Rover.

How or what do you think about the line?

My mother. In Chinese the way I write her name: six lines then six lines again. A bilabial feral nasal. I close my mouth her voice the sound of her spit in my nose. The way the lines of my vocal chords vibrate. The lines when she writes. Dipping of ink; doting stroking; the action slaver of lines. Line-shaped lips stoic under complimentary hotel handkerchief (thread gone in lines). Inside her the uvula what hangs like Dripped Line. The oscillation of mucus (braided lines). The direction of lines order of lines names of lines: héng, shù, nà, tí. The roof muscle raised. The soft-palate home. If lids left lines.

Julia Kristeva: “I never intended to follow a correct Marxist line, and I hope I am not correctly following any other line whatsoever.” (December 1973)



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