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A story about the time I racked my balls

This is a story about the time I racked my balls. It is a Halloween costume story. Halloween is my second favorite holiday after Sick Day. Past costumes include: Mr T. Michael Jackson Ninja (This required me to practive “walking like a ninja,” which I did a lot, until I was a total expert.) There’s … Continue reading

This postcard has no recipient

This was filmed by James Short in our nine by twelve kitchen and in a Salem, MA cemetery for Christian Peet’s series of polyvocal video readings based on his book Big American Trip (available from Shearsman Books here).

How (or what) do you think about the line?

I answer, along w/ Noah Saterstrom & Richard O’Russa & Annie Hagar, Erik Anderson’s fourth question in his revolving interview at Red Rover. How or what do you think about the line? My mother. In Chinese the way I write her name: six lines then six lines again. A bilabial feral nasal. I close my … Continue reading

When the child was a child

“Song of Childhood“ When the child was a childIt walked with its arms swinging,wanted the brook to be a river,the river to be a torrent, and this puddle to be the sea. When the child was a child,it didn’t know that it was a child,everything was soulful,and all souls were one. When the child was … Continue reading