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I see many movies but I saw these last weekend

Bosch Pastiche Award & Perfect Soundtrack Award

In his essay “The Art of Fiction” Henry James wrote “What is character but the determinant of incident? What is incident but the illustration of character?” In defining (in material terms) a character as a determinant of incident, James references the concept of hamartia or tragic flaw, the idea that a character possesses a flaw that will cause them to make a mistake, thereby setting plot into action. There’s never too many examples of this character in literature but a recent (& I think) quintessential example of this is employed in the swoontastic film In Bruges, which is also, I believe, the best(/only?) film EVER to film-within-a-film a Hieronymus Bosch pastiche (o triptychful-swoon). For this director Martin McDonagh will/should receive (via most sublime judgment) the elusive & gory Bosch Pastiche Award (naturally *retrospective* &/or *posthumous*). Please see In Bruges, if you haven’t already, it will help save a little boy’s &/or a racist midget’s life. Do your part. 

The Darjeeling Limited/Hotel Chevalier gets a Perfect Soundtrack award (scale: nearly perfect as Reservoir Dogs closely perfect as McCabe & Mrs. Miller). & my movie buddy/husband points out that Wes Anderson (like Quentin Tarantino) prolly qualifies as Film Auteur–methinks so too.



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