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Bosch Pastiche Award & Perfect Soundtrack Award

In his essay “The Art of Fiction” Henry James wrote “What is character but the determinant of incident? What is incident but the illustration of character?” In defining (in material terms) a character as a determinant of incident, James references the concept of hamartia or tragic flaw, the idea that a character possesses a flaw … Continue reading

Happy Bloomsday & Art of Memory

Happy Bloomsday! Will you be in NYC anytime between July 16-August 2? If YES you might wanna check out Art of Memory (2009), a (reworked) theater piece from Company SoGoNo w/ video design by James Short. Here’s a description of the production from the company: “In Art of Memory, four librarians create an elaborately braided … Continue reading

Juxtaposition: Unreliable Narrator

How do/does unreliable narrators/narration inform my/our story-telling/recollecting? In The Dialogic Imagination Bakhtin writes of autobiography: “Memory in memoirs and autobiographies is of a special sort: it is a memory of one’s own contemporaneity and of one’s own self” (24). In the Clive Wearing video we see autobiographical memory linked [by Bakhtin] to “one’s own contemporaneity … Continue reading

(more) what Wuv looks like

The Real (Hollywood) Chinese

I am not wherever I am the plaything of my; I think of what I am where I do not think to think.–Lacan Hollywood Chinese, a documentary about the Chinese in American feature films, is pretty good. It’s well-done, caringly done, and has something smart to say, and is maybe, for white-Chinese people, revelatory. A … Continue reading