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*My review of Matt Bell’s The Collectors is enjoying a more bona fide afterlife at Gently Read Literature. Please visit the October 2009 issue of GRL to read up read up!

But first look at these Google maps. . .

This is the Collyer Brothers’ house today:,277.28,,0,5&cbll=40.808246,-73.940919&panoid=&v=1&hl=en&gl=us
View Larger Map

And these are (some of) the places I’ve lived/hoarded (seems germane):,235.26,,0,5&cbll=39.738424,-104.970186&panoid=&v=1&hl=en&gl=us
View Larger Map,141.34,,0,-5.77&cbll=37.788666,-122.413087&panoid=&v=1&hl=en&gl=us
View Larger Map,279.77,,0,5&cbll=39.735745,-104.982302&panoid=&v=1&hl=en&gl=us
View Larger Map,190.12,,0,5&cbll=40.666704,-73.98293&panoid=&v=1&hl=en&gl=us
View Larger Map,343.07,,0,-5.8&cbll=39.939493,-75.151442&panoid=&v=1&hl=en&gl=us
View Larger Map



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