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Sometimes when I can’t sleep I make up syllogisms. I’ve been trying to make up a syllogism about sources and influences but I don’t have a second premise. I’m thinking about sources and influences because I was advised here: Mantooth. My good friend and collaborator Chris Collision is doing a spinoff of Rows Selavy (rightly comic-influenced) that will, in his words, “concern the vampire-battlin’ ‘ventures of Arturs Sandis “Esse” Zholtok and will be sort of in the style of [snip] ‘Mantooth,’ which is a sort of James Bond spoof featuring a gorilla super-spy in a tuxedo.” Naturally, this got me. . uh. . excited. I keep thinking about Murders in the Rue Morgue, although that wasn’t a gorilla it was an ourang-outang, and it wasn’t technically “murder” so much as “killing.” I know there is a syllogism in here somewhere, something about apes and crime.

Before I went to bed I was reading Rauan Klassnik’s Holy Land. I read this a few times:

Touching her face and touching her wrists he tells the nurses Leave the room, I want to touch some more. The walls are cold, the floors as well, and her touches her neck, stomach, legs and feet, the coldness grows and grows until it is so giant and straining with light he thinks it is the mind of God. Yes, he thinks he is in the mind of God and can feel every crack in the floor and the walls , the veins in his eyes, touching her still. . . (Holy Land 34)

because it reminded me how sources are so often the impetus for creations contrary to their source. It is no mistake God is invoked here and allover Holy Land, there is a something of a simultaneous erasing and an unavoidable marking of this origin of All Sources in Holy Land, it is like Ron is fingerprinting or cataloging or investigating a crime, a pleasure principle, that seeks/loses potency (influence) in our bodies. It is remarkable, visceral and fiercely intelligent it will touch you long after you’ve stop touching it.

My daughter, three years old, operates very closely to this source: id. She is usually under the influence of a pleasure principle, and deviation from the precise act that derives/drives this principle results in anguish. It is a deep eternal shattering that appears so amazingly unwarranted by the mistake/(source) that brought it on that it seems to me to be an almost perfectly accurate facsimile of God as Source. That is, the result from this influence, if astray, works in opposition to its source. Holy cow. Just look at the world and you get my drift, it is plain as the ape on your face.



2 thoughts on “Ratiocinsomniating

  1. I feel much the same as your daughter, though I’m not particularly body-focussed. Rather, my desires are somewhat refracted by/through my intellect* and are generally somewhat antithetical to the society in which I find myself. Since I’m arrogant, my basic assumption is that the society is wrong and that I–and everybody else–should be put in a position in which we DO get gratify our desires to a maximal extent.But, as Collision would be the first to tell you, we can’t all be Mantooth. (He closes one adventure by folding his lady in his arms and grunting suavely “let’s go do it lots”.) Sometimes we’re stuck at work, stone cold sober, sleepy and doing it not at all.*A process resulting in something I might as well call my “will”.

    Posted by Fat Contradiction | March 31, 2009, 3:12 pm
  2. “Let’s go do it lots”–Now that’s grand, I tell ya, grand.

    Posted by Kim Gek Lin Short | April 1, 2009, 1:20 pm

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